How To Reach End Users For Your Domains

Everyone who gets into the domain industry always wonders what is the fastest and most profitable way to sell a domain. There are no simple answer for that, in our days there are many marketplaces you can go and put your domain for sale. You only need to choose what is most beneficial for your case, if the ones that take a percentage of the final sale or the ones who charge you a fee upfront. This expense is just for you to be able to get in front of many potential buyers, which could be a fair trade. You pay a small commission and get potentially exposes to hundred or even thousand of buyers.

Although, this is not the only method for selling your domains, you can try to find “end users” who may be interested and could benefit from owning your domain name. The main question is, where to find those so called “end users” and how?

So, what can you do to find potential “End Users”?

Find related Websites. When it comes to find the best “end users” for your domain name, you need to make sure to target people who may be interested in the first place. If someone has a website that includes your domain name keyword, have additional words, or it is a less valuable extension, that could be someone you can contact to see if it will be interested in owning your domain name since it will clearly added value. One of the tools you can use to find related websites to your domain name is ZFBot.

Top 50 Rank in Google Search For Your Keyword (Organic Search). These are the sites that rank in Google for your domain keyword. This means they are targeting your keyword somehow in their website. This is a great target to reach out, since they may have some interest in owning your domain. I usually focus on the top 50 but you can take a look to the rest. Although Ithink those 50 are the most similar sites competing for the top, after that it tends to get less relevant and the quality of the websites is lower.

Companies Advertising for Adwords (PPC). These are websites that are paying to be ranked on the right side of the Google search. An interesting tool to use is called Spyfu, the tool is free and you can simply enter the domain name keyword and then scroll to the bottom where you can see current ads. These tool also gives you related keyword terms, this way you can also target companies advertising for similar terms. This increases the amount of companies you can reach out, meaning more chances to get a response back and make a sale.

Finding the contact information for “nd users”. Now that you found the potential “end user” I am sure you are wondering how to find their contact information and also what to even say to him. Getting an email address will be essential and at least a first name if possible. The best place to go to is WHOIS, where you can put the domain of the potential end user and it will give you the domain owner’s contact info. Just create a free account. What happens when there is no information in the Whois or it is private or blocked? Well, just go to the actually website for the potential “end user” and look for a “contact us” page, a Facebook link to their page, twitter or any other form of communication.

What Should You Write in Your Initial Email?

In my oppinion you have to keep the email simple and to the point, do not mention a price since the first email should be to see if the end user would be interested in owning your domain and just mention you feel this domain will be beneficial in his hands either for marketing purposes or simply to redirect the domain to his own website. After that it will be just negotiations.


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